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Kumpulan Haiku 8

a morning dew
it refuses to fall into the earth
but .. sudden rain

a tiny dot runs,
across the warm sky last afternoon,
a red baloon

sharp crescent,
plays lonely among the stars,
shapes a smile

raindrops and,
gentle wave on top of a rain puddle,
sparkling night

deep footprints
on wet soil around weeds,
post winter day

first day of spring
snowflake come to one’s mind,
a frozen heart

a pulpy orange
cold in the red refrigerator,
i pretending ignorance

some birdy cofee
lined up neatly in the icebox,
i drink it all

no one understands
who is hidden behind the snowbank, until
a hundred times of spring

at night
just cricket sound, and
leave it all

deep grin night
in between twigs and leafs,
wind shaken

unfollow the winter
at the beginning of spring,
hi to the first weed

leave the winter
look at this fragile spring,
sheep herding

lying on the roof
i think i can reach, the almost
falling moon

Bhakti Utama

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